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How do I become a client?

Becoming a client is easy. You'll have to fill out a form from the county that your property resides in. This is called an appointment of agent. It tells the county that we can speak to them on your behalf. The other form you'll need to complete is a simple in house form that explains pricing and asks for contact information. 

do I have to sign up every year?

No, once you've completed the appointment of agent the county will send the value notice to us each year. So, we will monitor and evaluate your property value each year. If you'd prefer to sign up for a single year - we can do that - it just needs to be noted on the appointment of agent.

I sold my house/business/building - now what?

That's great! Just send us an email or give us a call and let us know. Make sure you tell us the address and if it was owned under an LLC or other business name.

40% of market value!? how does that work?

We only charge 40% of the TAX savings. So, if we lower the value of your house $10,000 that's a tax savings of about $294 (depending on your rate/location). Our invoice will be for 40% of $294 or about $117. 

we just bought a house and are interested- when should we sign up?

Sign up now. Whenever you buy a house on the open market whatever you pay is considered "market price." So, you may not see any tax savings this year, but since we monitor your value every year you won't have to remember to sign up a few years down the road. Remember, it doesn't cost you anything if we don't save you anything.

is it too late to protest? I got a bill from the county and it's higher than expected.

It depends. Usually if you've already gotten a bill the time to protest has passed. We may still be able to help, but it's a case by case basis. If it is too late to protest we can get your file started for the next year so you don't have to remember to protest for the next year.

Can't my accountant do my business Personal Property rendition? why should we hire you to do it?

Yes, your accountant can complete your business personal property rendition. However, what you file for your income taxes is different than what you file for your rendition. Since we specialize in this area, we are often more efficient and inexpensive. On multiple occasions we've even had clients referred to us by their accountants. 

I protested my value - but I can't make it to the arb hearing. will you go for me?

Maybe. We work really hard to meet with appraisers before the ARB hearing and we have to carefully prepare for and schedule our hearings in each county so they don't conflict with each other. Contact us and we will see what we can do. The sooner the better. 

Do you take credit/debit cards?

Sorry, but no. We are still a small operation, so the best way to pay us is by check, money order, or cash. There is a mail slot in our door if you need to drop a payment by after hours. 

What counties do you operate in?

Most of our accounts are in Johnson and Tarrant county. We do however, do lots of work in many other counties like Hill, Ellis, Hood, Somervell, Dallas, Parker, Erath, McLennan, & Harris etc.